About Us

An inspiration to connect people together in a very modern way with a twist of old-fashioned goodness is what makes Hygge Mail special.   Once this idea sparked in Team Hygge’s minds and we recognized a way to help more folks feel comfy and cozy and special, there was no turning back.  Whether you are 3 or 133 or somewhere in between, Hygge Mail gives you the chance to:


connect more

love more

feel more

experience more

We’re not talking “more” of just anything—we’re talking about MORE of the good stuff that life is made up of.  Happy moments, chubby little babies, new life events, dream jobs and big moments, and those forever special “just because” thoughts.  This is the heart of Hygge Mail and we're on a global mission to spread the word. Correction—we are here to help you see how you can spread your words to those you wish to reach!
The Hygge Mail family (our users and members) are intentional people who understand the importance of a heartfelt gesture to someone else.
Hygge Mail helps you create the ideal words and images for custom communication.  You provide the heart and we provide the delivery.
Isn’t it time to reach out and remind the world how great it feels to get something personal in the mail?  We’re devoted to giving people moments where they can say goodbye to “junk mail” and hello to “joy mail.”